Job Summary

The Gig

The primary responsibility of the Butcher is to handle all raw meat preparations, which includes, but is not limited to the ownership and follow-up of the portion control, thawing control, ordering, and proper stock rotation.

What's expected and what you'll be up to

  • Provide an epic experience for our guests at all times
  • Responsible for all raw meat products onboard in terms of portion control, thawing control, and ordering and stock rotation
  • Basic knowledge of butchers cutting techniques for beef, pork, poultry, veal, lamb and seafood items
  • Assist in the loading, receiving and safe storage of all meat products
  • Ensure proper control of raw products to minimize food cost, wastage and enhance food safety
  • Adhere to HACCP and USPH rules and regulations and ensure that they are followed on a daily basis
  • Meet with the Executive Sous Chef on a daily basis to review production schedules and internal requisitions placed by the various outlets
  • Report any machinery / technical faults to Executive Sous Chef and monitor the repair schedule
  • Assist in the ancillary preparation of all raw meat products including but not limited to margination, skewering and crumbing
  • Monitor Work & Rest hours of all Assistant Butchers ensuring ILO guidelines are adhered to
  • Prepare & implement work rotas for Assistant Butchers
  • Monitor performance of Assist Butchers ensuring that they are working to company, HACCP and USPH guidelines
  • Basic knowledge of advanced knife handling and butchery skills
  • Inspect cleanliness and condition of assigned station and service areas and rectify any deficiencies
  • Carry out clear down routines after service and ensure the appearance and condition of all items meet Virgin Voyages standards
  • Notify Chef De Cuisine of any guest complaints raised and seek to resolve
  • Be familiar with all cruise services/features and activitations to respond to guest inquiries accurately
  • Responsible for the appearance and cleanliness of all Assistant Butchers
  • Prepare appraisals for individuals under their remit in accordance with Virgin Voyages policies