Job Summary

The Gig

The horticulturist’s primary responsibility is to perform horticultural maintenance of both interior andexterior plants with care and efficiency to ensure the highest level of plant health, visual quality to enhance the guest experience.

What's expected and what you'll be up to

  • Watering plants after evaluating moisture level of soil
  • Monitoring nutrient levels of soil and replenishing nutrients as needed
  • Keeping all plants clean, trimmed, and oriented to proper light
  • Maintaining staging and top dressing for proper presentation
  • Removing all damaged and unsightly foliage using scissors, pruners, handsaws and other small tools
  • Removing debris from planters and maintaining planters in a neat and orderly manner
  • Preventing damage to surrounding floors, walls, merchandise, and furniture
  • Keeping plants free from disease and insects
  • Inspecting and Diagnosing pests and disease
  • Implementing appropriate treatment to remedy for pests and disease
  • Maintaining overall operation of the irrigation system on open deck planters
  • Programming irrigation controller for proper watering schedules
  • Identifying plants with both common and botanical names
  • Identifying nursery pot sizes and plant height
  • Maintaining and accurate inventory of plants by name and location
  • Reporting failed plants in need of replacement
  • Installing replacement plants as needed