Crew Service Associate

Crew Service Associate

Job Summary

The Gig

This 'someone' will collect all of the necessary documents from our crew for entry & departure at all ports. They will also partner up with the Clearance Officer to prepare for Immigration & Customs clearance for our crew.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Assists in managing the crew payroll and currency exchange ensuring accurate and efficiency whilst maintaining security.
  • Ensures the safe storage of all crew passports upon sign on and ensures crew collect upon sign off from the vessel.
  • Assists the Clearance Officer in providing necessary crew documentation for entry and departure at all ports including immigration, visas and customs lists.
  • Assists in the administration of onboard crew accounts, cash advances and bank wires as per company guidelines.
  • Responsible for updating the Crew manifest for onboard safety regulations and international requirements.
  • Ensures all joining crew have original and valid copies of legally required paperwork necessary for them to sign on to the Ships Articles and work onboard paying particular attention to passport, visa and medical certificate validity.
  • Notifies Human Resources Manager of any complications when signing crew onto Ships Articles.
  • Assists Clearance Officer in the preparation of Immigration and Customs clearance for all crew onboard.
  • Assists the Crew Service Manager in communicating between Port Agents and Heads of department for all crew travel arrangements.
  • Assists in any Crew medical disembarks in cooperation with the Medical team and Crew Service Manager.
  • Ensures crew Seaman’s books are completed with proper embarkation dates.
  • Assists in ensuring the accurate and complete administration of crew files including certificates, personal details, travel documents etc.
  • Assists in preparing and administering all travel arrangements for disembarking crew members.
  • Provides support to Human Resources Manager as and when required.
  • Assists in the recordkeeping for the administration all ILO sheets onboard.
  • Ensures the Crew Office operates within ISM and MLC regulations.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Attends passenger functions as required by Head of Department.
  • Partake in inspections, trainings and meetings as required by Head of Department.
  • Ensures that the set standards are kept and staff members work according to their respective job descriptions.
  • Monitors HR legislation to seek improvements onboard.