Pastry Sous Chef

Pastry Sous Chef

Job Summary

The Gig

The primary responsibility of the Sous Chef Pastry is the second in command in the Pastry Department, and his primary responsibility is to assist the Pastry Chef in effectively supervising and managing the onboard Pastry and Bakery Production.

What's expected and what you'll be up to

  • Provide an epic experience for our guests at all times
  • Assists with the quality and cost of food production ensuring set budgets are achieved
  • Monitors the entire Patisserie and Bakery operations performance onboard including but not limited to procurement, galley, storing and guest satisfaction as it pertains to food and service
  • Assists the Executive Pastry Chef in establishing and developing a highly motivated, pro-active Pastry and Bakery team that delivers the highest quality orientated service product delivering a cost-effective and ethical operation
  • Works closely with the Kitchen Steward in order to accomplish tasks related to inventory, equipment, control and maintenance, USPH rules and regulations, training and reinforcement
  • Supervises and carries out regular checks of all pastry outlets ensuring that opening/closing hours and standards of service are achieved
  • Ensure that all Pastry & Bakery areas are maintained in accordance with company policy, USPH, SMS, HACCP and safety and environmental regulations
  • Assists with developing and maintaining par stocks for food product and equipment in their area
  • Assists and works with the Corporate Chefs, Executive Pastry Chef in Pastry Menu and maintained not limited to procurement, galley, storing and guest satisfaction as it pertains to food and service implementation and delivery
  • Carries out training, coaching and mentoring of the Pastry and Bakery team and ensure deputies follow suit
  • Monitors the appearance and cleanliness of all Pastry and Bakery team members
  • Responsible for the correct storage and cold storage of all products within the Pastry and Bakery area according to company standards
  • Inform the Executive Pastry Chef of all relevant issues regarding the Pastry and Bakery operation requesting the appropriate support
  • Assists in the creation of celebration cakes and desserts for special occasions onboard
  • Ensures that any Sailor requests for special food requests, diets or allergies are adhered to
  • Reports to Executive Pastry Chef any defects or repairs that affect the daily operation in their area and that potentially violate USPH and/or SMS requirements
  • Conducts regular spot-checks and inspections of USPH and other Public Health requirements within their area
  • Assists in the preparation and delivery of cooking demonstrations and events
  • Creates and implements the Pastry and Bakery crew rotas ensuring that each outlet has the required manpower to deliver high-quality service
  • Creates all food requisitions for their area, avoiding overstocking in the galley storage spaces and unnecessary wastage
  • Controls food wastage in their area to ensure costs are kept to a minimum
  • Ensures ILO Work & Rest hours are followed and entered into the timekeeping system accurately
  • Ensures all outlets are following the portion control charts for Pastry and Bakery goods
  • Responsible for the general cleanliness of all Pastry and Bakery outlets in conjunction with the Sanitation Officer and Kitchen Steward
  • Responsible for providing the Crew Dining area with a high-quality selection of pastries and bakery goods for all meals
  • Carries out recipe reviews and where improvements and/or corrections are required, communicates with the Executive Pastry Chef