Procurement Manager

Procurement Manager

Job Summary

The Gig

The Procurement Manager manages the onboard inventories of the food department, and ensures that an accurate inventory is maintained at all times through entering daily requisitions and performing end of voyage physical inventories.

He or she also monitors that all Company policies are followed in storage, receiving, issuing and ordering, and ensures the highest standards of Quality Control by ensuring specifications are relentlessly adhered to.

What's expected and what you'll be up to

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Must have in-depth knowledge of the overall Culinary experience onboard the ship and be familiar with the entire hotel operation.
  • Will work under the direct supervision of the Hotel Controller while working very closely with the Sr Executive Chef and the culinary team.
  • Must work according to Ships and & USPH guidelines per the Vessel Sanitation Program
  • Must work using HACCP methods and guidelines by using: Managing Food safety.
  • Must ensure that food requisition templates are kept current and are updated on a per voyage basis.
  • Ensures daily requisitions in order to produce running inventory.
  • Takes end of voyage physical inventory (including High Cost Items, Meat and Fish thawing rooms), and analyses any differences between Inventory by requisition and location.
  • Must work closely with the Hotel Controller who produces and sends the end of voyage ZIP file.
  • Generates Food order based on up-to-date Inventory and company loading schedule.
  • Must review and reconcile pre-receiving report generated from the Office. Must ensure all additions, cancellations, and receiving are entered into the ICS system.
  • Must ensure that the quality of items received match the specifications forwarded by the Food Purchasing and Quality Control departments.
  • Responsible for the receiving of all Food products onboard and signing of all suppliers’ invoices.
  • Produce discrepancy report based upon difference between ordering and receiving. Assist in generating food-testing report.
  • Must ensure that company specifications are followed with all products with any discrepancies being reported to Food Purchasing and Culinary operations (“Loading Quality Report”).
  • Must ensure that proper rotation of stock using FIFO system. Strict attention must be paid to expiry date of all products.
  • On a per cruise basis prepares the spoilage, non-moving and slow-moving items report and provides them to the Food & Beverage Director and Sr Executive Chef.
  • Responsible for all stores temperatures, maintenance of Shellfish and Sushi Grade fish logs and general maintenance.
  • Responsible for all storage room temperatures (refrigeration and chilled rooms) and reports any discrepancies or malfunction to the technical department.
  • Responsible of all storeroom personnel schedules, training and job performance.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Prepare appraisals for individuals under their remit in accordance with Virgin Voyages policies.
  • Attends passenger functions as required by Head of Department.
  • Partake in inspections, trainings and meetings as required by Head of Department.
  • Ensures that the set standards are kept and staff members work according to their respective job descriptions.